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My first Albatross



[font=&quot]Well for the first time in about a year i player 4 rounds in 1 week. As i just got the nike ignite driver. I was hitting it ok. Then it came to the tournament on saturday. And i suddenly started to cream it. The fairways were soft so the ball didnt roll, but it was pitching where my taylormade r540 would end, on hard fairways. Which is about 280 yards.
I was playing well all apart from my short game. Then it came to the 17th hole. I Was 5 under and had missed 2 fairways. And then i went to rip my driver trying to carry a ditch running across the fairway (about 280) and hit it slightly right into a dip. I was lucky enough to end up in the light rough. The lye wasnt too good. So i decided to try and force a 5 iron about 200 yards. I ripped into it, and the ball launched towards the flag. My playing partners thought it was going to go into the bunker about 20 yards short of the green. It pitched in between the bunker and the hump just before the left side of the green, and bounced forward and we thought it would finish on the down slope of the hump. But it wasnt there. I then stepped up to the hole and there it was my titleist 4 in the cup.
I then lipped out for an eagle on the last. And finished 9 under par. (net)
my handicaps 14. Age : 16 think it will be going down now :)


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Aug 27, 2004
Congratulations Nazer.... That was one lucky break.
How come your handicap is 14 when you're shooting 9 under ? (It's 9 under for the 4 rounds right?)


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Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
NaZeR said:
I was playing well all apart from my short game. [/font]

9 under with no short game?

Sir, you are a better player than I am at a 14 handicap, while I sit at just 4. How does that work? :p



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Thinking about it my short game was better than poor :/. I was thinking of this one shot i played bout 30 yards to the green, went to hit a lob wedge and took a divot bout 2 inches deep and the ball went about 10 yards. I then knocked it on and holed the putt for par. So i'd say it was about average. It's just my dads short game makes mine look bad.

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