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My first step into club building


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Aug 15, 2006
Built myself a new 5 wood! :) Got the Maltby Trouble Out head, Aldila VS Proto head, Winn PCI TL grip.

So I had an old set of clubs sitting around. Like 10 year old Dunlops or something like that. I decided I was going to practice first. I've got a vise, a good table, and a butane torch thingy. So I decide to see if I can actually pull a head. Long story short it didn't go so well. I realized quickly that if I'm going to pull with ANY intent on saving the shaft I'll need a good puller. More on that later. So this old POS shaft is kind of broke off, kind of pulled from the head. Figure this will be a good time to practice cutting graphite! Get out the little air rotary tool, click on the compressor, masking tape on the shaft... away we go! For 5 seconds and the air tool has sucked all the air out of the compressor. Wow.. these things are air HOGS big time! Looks like I'll be picking up an electric dremmel. Now where's that hacksaw... ok, made a pretty decent cut. Practice a few more times, good to go!

Put the VS Proto in the vise, tape it up and cut the tip! Woohoo no splinters! Sand the tip, install ferrule and head. Let sit overnight.
Next day, measure to length, tape the butt and cut it! Success! No splinters! Nothing to this! Now for the easy part, installing the grip! Check over directions... ok... install grip tape... apply solvent... slide the grip on... well halfway on.. sh!t... we're stuck half way on. Dammit! Knew I didn't use enough solvent! So after a lot of cussing the spitting and throwing stuff I got the grip off, used PLENTY of solvent and got it on there!

Here is the finished product!

Couple rounds of golf, several range sessions and the head hasn't come flying off! As far as the club itself... I love it! Glides off the group very very well. Also I'm in LOVE with the new PCI TL grips. Best grip Winn has ever made IMO. Soon as I can afford it all my clubs will have them. I also re-shafted my FT 3-Hybrid. I took the club to GG to have them pull the OEM shaft out of it... after the Dunlop debacle, I didn't wanna F this one up. I put an Aldila DVS Hybrid shaft in it and am very happy!


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Dec 24, 2007
South Central Wisconsin
United States United States
lol, all the hard parts, no sweat....

Putting the grip on....and you eff it up! lol

Good job slick, it only gets easier from here.


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Mar 5, 2009
How does that Trouble Out perform, with those rails on the bottom? How is it on tight lies?


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Aug 15, 2006
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Yeah go figure... second club I re-gripped was a snap.

How does that Trouble Out perform, with those rails on the bottom? How is it on tight lies?

I like it a lot so far. Glides off the fairway really nice.... which was the whole reason behind trying that style of club.