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My game is down the gutter...


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Jul 6, 2009
I just need to vent a little here... For several years now, i've been a 6-7 handicapper with very low variance in my games. Never really went low, but never really high. 95% of my games were between 77 and 83.

Last xmas, my parents got me a 3 hours of golf lessons...the first lessons of my life. At first, the changes he made me work on felt really awkward, but I grew up into liking them and the improved ball flight, so I went with it.

At the range now I can really hit it well and am comfortable with the new swing. But man, I think it messed something up my head to struggle so much earlier this year and now I cant align 2-3 good shots in a row on the course.

I've been shooting mid 80's all year except for one 77 and today, I shot a 90 on a course i'm used to do well at. So now wtf do I do to regain some confidence? I don't think going back to the old swing is a solution...

We have a golf trip to AZ planned in October and if my game doesn't improve, i better enjoy the beer or it won't be as much fun as expected...

Stupid game! :killersmiley:


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Jul 6, 2009
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Played again this morning...shot a wonderful 87... it's usually one of 3 things that happen on a hole.

1- I drive in a hazard or OB
2- If my drive is right down the middle, i'll shank a long iron on a par 5 or completly miss the green with a short iron
3- If I hit the green in regulation, I 3-putt.

I very rarely do all of these things on the same hole...but I also very rarely don't do any of the above on a single hole.

Something is seriously messed up in my head...I'm starting to hate this game.

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