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My Pet Peve


She lives!
Supporting Member
Jul 3, 2006
It started with the starter sending me off as a single, it was a slow day and I was there early(as usual). Anyway, everything goes well, I post a disappointing 38 on the front, but the back was going much better.

After 7 holes I was at 2 under, and bam, I hit a foursome of ladies. Now generally I'm very understanding of anyone who plays this great game, and on a 120 yard par three(from the ladies) it took them about 20 minutes total. I was there from them teeing off, and they saw me. They finish their 3, I get a par and run into them again. And once again, they see me. Well, I watch them tee off thinking that maybe they will let me play through, nope. Further, about 10 minutes and 40 yards later, they just sit there after their shots and being chatting.

Okay, now I'm angry. My fiance is meeting me and I see her walking down the treeline, so I call her and ask her to ask them, to move along. I asked her because the men's tees play about 140 yards farther on this particular hole. They say no. Now, am I out of line for being furious that they wouldn't let me play through? I mean, honestly, I was a single, and when I began my back nine they had 5 holes on me.

Needless to say, I reached in two 25 minutes later and got a birdie, too stubborn to let my focus slip because of my anger. Anyway, I approached them after I finished, and they acted like a bunch of snobs, saying they owned the course until they were finished, and I could just wait. Am I wrong for standing my ground and being stern(but polite), with them? I mean, I wasn't nice, but I wasn't mean.


All around nice guy
Apr 22, 2005
I don't think that you were out of line at all. I played my local course a couple days ago and I got paired with three other men I had never met before. Now I have a lot of patience for other players just as you said you did but the two guys I was playing with did not. By the time we got to the second hole they were already frustrated with the group ahead of us (a guy and his two kids). By the third hole they had lost it after the kid who was probably between 5-8 yrs old hit a bad shot and his dad then sat there for a few minutes trying to teach him what he did wrong. So the guys I was playing with start screaming at the top of their lungs at this group and they got no response. So then after a few minutes of mumbling to each other, they called the golf course and had the marshalls come out there to make them let us play through. I can understand their frustration but at the same time I just kept my head down when playing through the other group because I felt a little embarrased to be associated with these guys. Where else can you meet so many different types of people.


In the Lumbar Yard
Jul 3, 2005
The ladies were the ones out of line. I'm impressed that you kept your composure and finished strong dispite the frustration.


dont tread on me
Dec 8, 2005
It would be appropriate for the ladies to let you play thru if there was a decent gap between them and the next group.

I am of the opinion that a single is a bad move for all. while it is nice to have the course to yourself, and great if it is not crowded or you are the first off the tee in the morning.

But I have also been out as foursome and stood aside to let a single play thru, resumed our game only to have another single or twosome a hole later wanting to play thru. two holes later same story again. ( I dont play slow at all, cant remember the last time 18 took 4 hours). I blame the course for not pairing the singles and twosomes up. But when I do head out to the course by myself, I usually hang out in the clubhouse and find at least another single to pair up with. Makes the pace better for all. If I am out as a single and get backed up, and the course is actually pretty empty, I have no problem leapfrogging past the blockage and fitting in the hole or holes I missed when convinient (a benefit of riding over walking, can see this as unfeasible for the walker or on some courses)

JEFF4i said:
about 10 minutes and 40 yards later, they just sit there after their shots and being chatting.
Chatting? sitting there?? while someone is waiting??? That is why the founding fathers put the second amendment in the constitution :) Same with the giving lessons on the course.

Worse situation I ever encountered was on a ninth hole by the clubhouse. we came up for our second shot and see a guy in a greenside bunker. Swings and the sand flies. swings again and the sand flies. again. again. Figuring him for a real hacker and thinking he should just pick up. Finally ride up a little closer and see about 7 balls on the green. F'er was practicing!!! What can you say to a guy so dim and obnoxious?


Ender of all threads
Supporting Member
Jul 9, 2005
central Wisconsin
United States United States
I had 3 ladies let me play through Tuesday after watching me hit behind them. They knew I could get through quick. I don't remember ever having a problem like that described above. Had some jerks hit on us once but after we stomped their ball into the ground a few times they quit.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
The better way is to call the sheriff/marshall and complain. Get the number of the golfclub before you play, and use your cellphone to complain when you meet a very slow foursome. Most of the time, when players don't comply to the marshall's demand, they get ejected from the course.


Never Say Die
Jul 28, 2005
Yeah, they were totally out of line.

When I'm behind a group who won't let me play through I play 2 or 3 balls, usually one from each tee. You know what they say about lemons and lemonade...

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
Not saying you were out of line, nor am I condoning slow play, as I play faster and nothing throws off my game like slow play. Although in those circumstances, I would not have let you play through for 3 simple reasons. The first being you were playing as a single, so you should expect to wait a little, but not that I would keep you behind me for more than a hole or two, as holding you up would throw off my game. Second, you called your fiance and had her ask, which had I been in the foursome it would probably have peeved me enough to not let you play through, where if you would have asked I would have. Actually I probably would have asked you if you wanted to before it reached that point. Lastly, you were on 18, which probably makes their actions more excusable in my book. I rarely offer to let anyone play through on 17 or 18 because it seems like there is little point. Between you being a single, it being on 18, and you having your fiancee ask I can assure you I would have said no and been a little po'ed for you interupting my game at that point, not the way I would want to end a round. Where if my group were still on the 18th tee, you pulled up and said your wife was in the parking lot and could you play through, I certainly would have no hesitation letting you through. Actually, the point that you did not catch my foursome on the 18th tee and we were already in the fairway would lead me to believe we would be waiting on you if we let you play through. If someone is going to wait for just the last hole, then logically it should be you for going out as a single.

Funny enough though, we were playing Sunday as a 2, and my ball on 18 was in the woods. We had a single that caught us why we were on the 17 green for the first time. By the time my wife tee'd on 18 he was at the box so we asked if he wanted to play through, he said not to worry, I mentioned I was in the woods and it may take a few minutes to find my ball so it wasn't a problem if he wanted. He did, he mishit his shot, picked it up, politely said thank you and left. He was not upset, but I felt bad.

Bama Duffer

Well-Known Member
Mar 14, 2005
Jeff, not saying you were right or wrong, but I think DouginGawga and Jayhawk are right on point here.

If I go out as a single--or even a twosome--especially on a Saturday or Sunday, I expect to wait at times.

If a group catches me on 17 - 18 and I'm keeping relatively good pace with the group ahead of me, I generally won't let them play through either. But I don't hold up play. Chatting while someone's waiting? No way.

If there's space ahead of a group that's not letting me play though, I'll skip a hole or two and make it up later.

I have no problems letting groups play through me, though, or asking them to join me if I'm not in a foursome, but I sometime wonder if by waiting to let a group play through, that merely backs up play more. If we reach a tee box and wait for the group behind us to catch up, then we're working into the space between them and the group behind them, which presumably the starter spaced correctly. If there's an eight minute gap between groups, suddenly you've split that in half.

I sometimes prefer to play by myself, especially if I'm trying to work out something in my swing or trying a couple of different clubs. When I'm doing so, though, I expect delays. Sometimes I welcome the pauses and hit a couple of extra balls.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Jeff - it would have been courteous for them to let you through. Too bad they were jerks about it.

At our course, singles and twosomes and very strongly discouraged. Fivesomes are prohibited except prior to 9 am on Sunday morning. Singles and twosomes are not permitted until after 2 p.m. The rules are that foursomes and threesomes have 'rights' over singles and twosomes. It is an unwritten rule but if you are playing alone - it is really up to the discretion of the group ahead to let you through. If you are playing as a 1 or 2 some, be ready to wait because you are lower on the totem pole...


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Courses around here don't allow singles. If you walk up, you play with a couple or threesome, whenever the next tee time comes up.

But I know the guy at the clubhouse and can basically walk on whenever. :D

I know the feeling of having to wait......and wait.....and wait.....

But....is there any better place to be but out on the course? Is life really that bad if you're there, enjoying the weather and thinking "I wonder what the office is like right now..." :D



Pulaski Golf Rocks!!
May 20, 2006
I personally think you did the right thing (except asking your fiance to ask them.) But this reminds me of a story, me and three other friends were playing a course. (not the best course around actually not even close they dont mow at all.) But anyway we were on 7 only playing 9 holes and it was a bad hole for us all so it was a little slow and there was a two-some in a cart waiting for us on the tee while we were near the green (7 is a par 3) but it took us a wihle putting as the rest of my group dosent golf often. So we were on the 8th tee and since they were waiting we offered to let them play through. They did. After we waited about 10 minutes for them to get out of range we hit our tee shots immediatley after. A group of "bigger" ladies (a foursome in carts.) came up and asked if they could play through. I politely explained that we had just waited 10 minutes to let the other group play through and that is why they caught up to us. One of them said in a snotty voice "Well were on a schedule" I just said fine then and let them play through. We then proceeded to wait 20 MINTUTES to hit our next shot lets just say I was infiriated they'd hit there ball maybe 20 yards at a time. So my group and I just passed them up on the last tee not wanting to wait for them. Was this a bad thing to do?

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
Bravo said:
Fivesomes are prohibited except prior to 9 am on Sunday morning.
Holy Cow. Isn't this just begging to back things up for the day? It must just be a difference in busy times, because in all the areas I have played they would probably only allow a fivesome very late in the day when no one is on the course. Prior to 9am (actually 8am) on Saturday and Sunday may be the ideal times for people that want to avoid the 5 to 5 1/2 hour rounds that become all to common in this area during the weekend. 7-8am is our ideal starting time.

They allow twosomes out at anytime, although they try and pair them up. They also will not let them out first thing in the morning and will start at least two foursomes out first in most cases, although they will not make you wait if there are no foursomes ready, as they fear a twosome may catch the people maintaining the course and changing the pins. Singles are allowed at most courses, although my home course will not schedule a time for singles and simply tells them to show up and they will pair them with the first group that has less than 4.

Regardless, they still tell anything 3 or less to expect to wait and it is solely at the disgression of the group in front to allow you to pass if you are less than 3 and complain of slow play, unless the Ranger feels the forward group is running behind. Since moving up here I have seriously changed my attitude to one at peace with nature, and the longer I spend on the course is less time I will spend at home. I prefer the course to home anyday. Taking this attitude, I rarely get upset with slow play until it gets close to 6 hours or more.

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