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My Putting Stance


Only Drinking AFTER Golf
Jul 22, 2008
So I've never been all that great at putting, my main problem not being able to correctly correlate the distance to the hole with the strength of my swing. I also have a hell of a time determining if the face of my putter is lined up with where I want to hit the ball. Usually I stand fairly upright then lean a little over the ball, but the other week I tried something different. I bent my knees a lot, as if I was on my way to sit down to take a dump, and brought my head a foot or more closer to the ball. My friends kind of laughed at me, so I gave my butt a little wiggle for good measure and went for it. Lo and behold I put my first putt within a foot or two of the hole on nearly every green that round. It's like my control increased ten fold without additional practice or anything. Experts, what's going on here?

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