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my swing speed.


Well-Known Member
Mar 2, 2008
haha.. 3 new threads in a row! bear with me...

Swing Speed question, i went for a launch monitor (finally!) test and got the results for 87 for my Driver Swing Speed, the club fitters commented, i can go for either Regular or Stiff with this swing speed. (i know generally 90 and above for stiff)... What will you do if you are caught "in between"? i'll prefer R for the moment consider playing for 18 and you do get tired and slow down at the end at times...

interesting thing was, my iron speed is about 75 ++...cannot remember... but he mentions that iron swing speed is generally lower than driver... used a 7-iron by the way... how true is that?


Well-Known Member
Dec 30, 2006
yeah the numbers are about right. drivers have higher swing speed due to the weight and length.

i'm sure many of us would agree that you can't pick a shaft just based upon your swing speed. A company's "stiff flex" could be "regular stiff flex" in one company and "stiffer than stiff flex" in another.

tempo/transition is also big factor as well as types of release when you consider flex.

but generally speaking, you're right in that your SS could be fit into either regular or stiff. if you don't think you're up for stiff for 18 holes but still want optimal flex, i'd suggest you get a regular flex and tip it to desired flex (after getting fit for a shaft of course). however, you should be fine w/ regular flex.

hope this helps


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Mar 2, 2008
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thanks twofast!

thatz what i thought too, stay with regular, well probably until i can get faster speed thru fitness (which i doubt!) haha..


Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
Just quoting Wishon's book, generally with a below 90 SS and even with a fast tempo he recommends a Reg flex. Over 90 and only with a Fast tempo he recommends Stiff, otherwise Reg. I am kind of in the same boat and the reason My Driver is now a Reg flex and the rest are stiffer. I side towards a quick tempo, and my driver swing speed many times is lower or equal to my FW's. So I went Reg on my new driver and am contemplating doing the same with my FW"s. Although I have really good control with them, so it is a tough call.

I have been spending a great deal of time working on both my tempo and control, and the reason I broke down and went with a Reg Flex on my Driver. I did so with good results. This year I may do the same with my FW's, but doubt I will change my irons any time soon. The Nippon on my Bafflers does not play quite as stiff.

So from my experience, I seem to benefit from going to a stiffer shaft the shorter it becomes. Just my opinion though, based on my experience.


Well-Known Member
Nov 23, 2007
Unless you really snatch like crazy from the top I can't think of any shaft that would require an S at 87mph.


Golfer on hiatus.
Supporting Member
Jul 25, 2007
Madison, Wi
United States United States
Regular flex all the way, my swing speed is 93-94 & they work great. For some reason though S flex seems to work really good in my 4w & TEE hybrid.

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