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My wedge play!

The master

Oct 24, 2004
I always thought I was quite a good wedge player, but now I look at it I don't think I am overly good, becuase I struggle to keep the ball down, and it affects my distances and it doesn't help in the wind.

Anyway I tried just putting the ball back in my stand stay level and hit through the shot, it comes of but not all the time I need to just work on hitting it 80% and 2 bounces and cheuqing up.

I think the shot would do my game world of wonders.

Anyway any tips to help me hit the shot the bets wedge players in the world hit?


Adam Pettman

Well-Known Member
Nov 3, 2005
The way I learnt to play this shot is to catch the ball as the club is coming down and take a divot beyond the ball also take a very narrow swing.
It took me two hours around the green on the first hole at my local course to learn how play this shot and now I use it 7 times in one round.
Beware I'm a teenager and a quick learner a man at my club has been trying to play this shot for the last 2 years and still doesn't have brilliant control.
Also use a high quality ball.
Hope this helped

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