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Myrtle Beach Trip Report, March '09


Well-Known Member
Mar 23, 2009
Thanks for visiting Myrtle Beach! Caledonia and True Blue are two of my favorite courses. In addition to being spectacularly beautiful, Caledonia is very women-friendly. True Blue has been softened up to give higher handicappers a better chance so it's gained in popularity.

Sorry you didn't get to play Pawleys Plantation. It's in great shape and offers awesome atmosphere and marsh views. Also is home to the best golf school on the Grand Strand (and one of the country's most affordable Top 5 schools). If you want to keep up with deals in MB throughout the year, check out our blog:

Link deleted.


Well-Known Member
Jun 25, 2009
We go to Myrtle every year with the family..I usually play 5-7 times in the 2 weeks we are there...I have played all you listed except TPC...and by far my favorite would be the Fazio course at Barefoot. I like all the courses at Barefoot but I keep being pulled back to the Fazio...
Oh and one i hate that everyone raves about is Pawlys Plantation....Played it twice and hate...it is tough...scenery is ok at best...snotty people...oh and did I mention tough??


uncle sam's slave
Aug 15, 2006
when all you guys come to MB let me know.. i can get you on a few places cheap.. plus i'd like to meet and play golf with a few more ST'ers

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