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NCAA Football Playoffs


Active Member
Feb 23, 2018
Covington LA
United States United States
So, who gets left out that should really be in? Notre Dame showed that they were overrated and never really belonged. Oklahoma is out after shooting themselves in the foot by not having a defense.
Is there someone outside the top 5 that could sneak in?

SEC can really mess it up....What do you do if both LSU and Alabama have one loss? What if Florida wins out and ends up with 2 losses....

Only 1 team in the Big 10 is viable, that is Ohio State...(Probably best team in nation "today")
Clemson is good but in a weak conference--most likely will end up as the #2 ir #3 seed in the playoffs.

Still a lot of crazy stuff can go on....So, how do you see it.

Picking today. I might see it kind of like this:

1. Ohio State (Solid all around, Good Offense, Good Defense, and Good Special Teams)
2. LSU (Good offense, fair defense)
3. Clemson (Good offense but suspect defense)
4. Alabama ( With Tua a Good Offense, without Too just average. Defense is not strong point)

Of course this can change, and well may...but like I said, if picking today...

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