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Need help on Cell Phone selection (for wife)


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Jun 1, 2007
Need your help guys....(and I apologize in advance for the length of this request).

As ya know my wife and I went to get a couple HTC Heros and switch to Sprint....

When there, we ran into a stumbling block.

I DID get the Hero for me (and love it)...but the screen is "heat sensitive" meaning that skin actually has to touch the screen, which does not work for her, who has long fingernails....making typing on a screen, all but impossible.

So the other options Sprint had available (that had internet, GPS...etc) options that we wanted were:

Palm Pre
Samsung Instinct

The Pre looked like a viable option...slide out keyboard (ideal for her)...but maneuvering screens DOES require heat sensitive activation....now, that may not be a big deal as she needs to touch a larger surface, not tiny keyboard on a screen.

We never considered the Blackberries because I think she wanted larger screen and more "Social apps" vs "Business apps".

So, she went with the Samsung Instinct S30 because the screens are pressure sensitive and works with her fingernails.

After 24 hours, she is disappointed.

Loading time to pull up the internet, TV, GPS...etc takes FOREVER compared to my Hero.

Can the units make THAT much difference in loading time? Even if on the same network?

I looked at the Sprint website and I see they say phones like mine, the Pre etc have 3g speeds (where available) but don't say that about the Samsung...so is there downloading speed limitations on them?

Or could this be just a bad phone she has? Should we look at another option during our 30 day trial? If so, which one/s and why?



From the bunker
Dec 31, 2008
It could be either the phone lacking 3G, or just the phone itself. You should check that it has the latest version of firmware on it, which is OS plus patches, plus latest updates to apps. Phones also have an Operating System on them, and yours is based on Android a Google OS, which makes it Open. A lot of extensibility on yours.

As for her long fingernails, she could always just 'knuckle' the buttons like an admin I know does.


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Jun 11, 2007
Portland, VIC, Australia
Australia Australia
Hey Rory,

Unfortunately a lot of depends on the processor unit inside the phone.

Side-by-side, an iPhone 3G S craps all over the previous model (3G) as it has nearly twice as much power in the processor.

Could very well be the case here I would say...

Edit: I can not find any information on the processor for this phone, only that its been updated from the original model. Must be a reason why they're hiding it....

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