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need help with identifying Driver (Ping)


Well-Known Member
Jul 13, 2005
I just traded a 5 wood to a buddy for a Ping TiSI. I had one a couple years ago. Hit it well and loved it. Wanted to have another so I made a trade.

This ones slightly different than my old one. Appears to have a smaller head. Its 7.5 degree loft and the clubhead says TOUR on the sole. The shaft says Grafalloy, custom built for Ping, Prototype X.

Whats the deal with this club? Is it worth more or less than a standard TiSI? Any help would be great.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
The tour head was a little smaller and hit the ball lower. I need more to go on with the shaft. Does it have anything else or just prototype?

If if just says prototype the shaft makes it worth about $30 more than the stock shaft. The heads are the same price.

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