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Need to Sell Entire Bag.. Please Help


Sep 2, 2006
So i was planning on quitting golf as time for it has decreased, as well as funds. Last week however was the nail in the coffin as i got into a moderate car accident. No damage done to me or my body, but damage done to my parents car. I need to pay them to have it fixed, and i need cash asap. Offers are welcomed graciously.

Taylormade Burner 9.5 RE-AX Superfast S $100

Taylormade R7 425 9.5 Grafalloy Blue Tour X $80

R7 TP 15* Redboard 73X $140

Titleist 585-H 19* Aldila NV 85 S $90

4-PW Mizuno MP 30 DGS300 $225

Extra PW- Mizuno MP 60 DGS300 $20

Putter- Scotty Cameron Newport Studio Style 1.5 $175

TM Rac Satin TP 52* $55
TM Rac Black TP 56* $40
Titleist Vokey Spin Milled 60* $30

Speeder 757 Stiff Driver length, will play standard in any non borethru(would have fit into the burner that is for sale, so whatever tip the burner is) $90

Aldila Vs Proto stiff 3 wood length, one time pull(would have gone in the r7 tp 3 wood, so i think .335) SOLD

Scotty Cameron Baby T grip, brand new $20

2 sleeves of 2 Cally Tour IX SOLD

Callaway Warbird 3+ wood. DGS300 steel shaft. Good condition.

Taylormade RAC 52* wedge. 8* bounce. Grooves are still very very deep, face is in good condition, but the sole has a couple of brushmarks and a small nick on the toe. Nothing noticeable from address. The hosel has STD/STD DYG S200 marked on it, making me think that this is tour issue, but i cannot prove that for sure. New Decade grip.


Taylormade RAC Satin 60* 7* bounce. This was used for 1 season by me, and i bought it brand new. Id rate 7/10. The grooves still have bite left, and the sole just has a some small brushmarks and slight scratches.



Taylormade Ho' Magnet
May 29, 2008
Whats you pay pal?

I'll take the 60 RAC Satin wedge, and I'd like to try those Cally balls.

Or is the Vokey in better shape?


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada

Sorry to hear the situation.

You have pics of all this stuff?



The Plaid Duffer
Staff member
Oct 19, 2006
Sanford, NC
United States United States
Buddy, if I played S flex I'd do what I could, but I play R.

Still wish you wouldn't quit golf...maybe call it a short hiatus! :D


Taylormade Ho' Magnet
May 29, 2008
How much do you want for the Vokey and a sleeve of the Callys?

Thanks, I have paypal, just mulling over the idea of getting a SM60

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