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New Blog Approach


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Jun 1, 2007
Apparently one of the best kept secrets in the industry is we have a blog....and the REASON for it being so secretive is because I have put absolutely no effort into it...but that is all about to change...starting today.

Starting today we will religiously add a new blog every day or so announcing news in the industry, updates...etc...but also periodically we will be offering "Helpful hints" on maintaining, fixing/cleaning golf equipment.

Everyone and his brother offer swing advice and game improvement techniques...but as far as I know, no one offers hints on maintaining/cleaning/fixing equipment....

Today's blog is about care of golf shoes and the art of removing spikes easily and fast.

I plan on doing this routinely as well as offer tips on club making repairs etc and doing it it layman's terms...kinda like a "Golf equipment maintenance/repairs for Dummys".

I invite you to join us at: http://indacupgolf.blogspot.com/ and feel free to make requests on "how to" questions!

We also have a facebook page where we periodically offer up super deals that come our way that I am not allowed to promote except in a membership environment (facebook)...incidentally, this weekends facebook special is REAL sweet!!! 33% off one of the top performing shafts in the industry!

Have a great day everyone!


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