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New Course


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Dec 24, 2007
South Central Wisconsin
United States United States
Took last Thursday off for my birthday and played a new course. Evansville Golf Course

Strolled into the parking lot around 11AM and uh oh, there sure are a lot of cars here not good since were trying to walk on...well, we spent a half hour on the smallish but very undulating putting green before it was our tee time.

First of all, i don't know if there were just an unusual amount of people at the course, or they were under staffed, or they were just slow, but we stood in the pro shop/bar/restaurant for around 20 minutes before they could check us into a tee time. Just a weird vibe in there since they did have a dedicated 'pro shop' area, but we were told to check in at the bar...idk.

Anyway, the course looked fantastic. Fairways were lush, greens were fast, but receptive. The rough was enough to make sure you didn't want to be in there, but not enough to make it overly difficult to get out of. Bunkers were at a minimum, as were elevation changes for the most part. Probably the best part of the course was the price. Weekdays before Noon, its $15 for 9 including the cart. Thats a solid price around here for a course kept this nice.

I only played the front, but there are hardly any straight on holes. #1 is a blind tee shot, dogleg left. This makes this course a lot easier the second time around. I know i dropped several shots simply because i didn't know where to put the ball off the tee for a good angle into the green. Proof, hole 8, elevated tee dogleg left, take a 5 iron over a tree and it will land you about 130 out, go straight and that same 5i will leave you 200 or more out. However, from the tee, it doesn't look like the fairway turns that hard, so standing up there it doesn't look like you can cut the corner.

Had probably my best iron shot of the year on hole 2. This is one of the rare straight ahead holes on this course, but they do throw a curve at you. 530ish yard par 5 and around 350 yards down the fairway is the road to the clubhouse, it goes straight across the fairway. This is also at the top of a hill, so you hit your second shot blind over the hill and over the road. My first shot was around 240, left rough, under a tree. I punched it out and rolled over the road into the fairway on the other side. I get up there and for the first time see the green on this hole. I'm about 165ish out, pin is in the left side of the green. I have been trying to just hit for the center of the green, no matter where the pin is. So i line up, dead center, catch the 7i crisp as can be. Great flight, slight draw, drops and stops about 8 feet away from the pin. Thats a good feeling. Greens were rolling fast and i hit my first putt just a touch too fast and it rolled right over the lip on the high side. Tapped in for par.

Ended up shooting 45 on a par 36

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