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New Driver - advice please.......


Well-Known Member
Mar 7, 2005
Hi, I'm new on here so please be patient !!

I currently play off 26 as i don't play that often. However, I have now joined a club and therefore i intend to get my handicap down asap.

So, I'm looking at a new driver, but which one?!

I currently own a Yonex 350+ with a regular shaft and a 10.5 loft. Its ok but i have a nasty habit of slicing the ball!! I don't with my irons, just my driver.

So, out of the below (my top 3!) what would you suggest:

1. Cobra 454 comp
2. TaylorMade R5 Type D
3. TaylorMade R7 HT

or anything else ?!

I know that the R5 Type D is the obviouis choice but i have a fear that if i improve at a quick rate due to lots of practice will i start hooking the ball with this club? I have heard that the R7 HT is a more forgiving version of the R7, is this true?

Thanks guys and i look forward to lots of advice!!

Thanks again.



Well-Known Member
Supporting Member
Aug 26, 2004
Welcome aboard Mark!
100th member. :)

I'm a 28 so I know a little bit about slicing.
The people here will tell you to get some lessons and get the swing squared away.

Next, A driver with a 2* closed face will help too.....I use a Dunlop Loco pro, 2* closed and It works wonders. I still have some control issues but they are nowhere what they once were.

I also have the TM 580xd....I can't decide between the two.


ST Homeland Security
Aug 30, 2004
Sling is right. The Loco pro is the shee yite for anyone with mistakes right. It is way long and ultra-forgiving too. Don't count it out in the race.


Planet Love Tron
Feb 19, 2005
I have a Cobra 454 Comp in 10.5 degree. It is as forgiving as they come plus it has a 3.0 degree closed face which should help with your slicing. It is also one of the loudest and longest drivers I have ever hit. Their customer service is beyond great. Look for my thread (Cobra COMP Problem) of what happened when I had a problem with mine.


Well-Known Member
Jan 4, 2005
i would take a look at the Cleveland Launcher 460 as well, in 10.5 degree loft with a regular flex shaft, should be a fairway finder. If you get one with the strock shaft, stiff might be the better option, but i would recommend an Aldila NV regular flex, plays stiffer than the stock regular


Well-Known Member
Feb 13, 2005
I think the Titleist 983K is the BEST CLUB EVER MADE. Not just driver, but any.


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
I hate to get back to it, but your problem isn't your driver. And it isn't your irons.

You have to get to the range and get some swings in. And, furthermore, get a couple lessons for some pointers to work on. Trust me, these few simple things are worth their weight in gold.

You can buy any of the aforementioned clubs (which are all good, by the way), and still have that nasty banana shot. The trouble is, playing at a higher handicap, it's often difficult to the weekend warrior golfer to identify problems within their own swings. They try and fix one aspect, and they forget everything else and their swing goes to hell.

I'm not going to tell you what to do, all I can do is recommend. I took lessons years ago and I'm happy that i did. I know have a better understanding of my game, the tools that I use to play it, and what my weaknesses and strengths are.

I know it's hard to get out alot for many of us, but a couple of one hour lessons and about 20 buckets at the range to work on the short game and putting, plus a few driver sessions in there, will be worth it, i guarantee you.

Welcome aboard, by the way!




Feb 20, 2005
instead of buying a new driver just now.try hiiting your 3 wood off the tee for awhile.i did it for about 2 yrs. when i first started playing.i didnt even carry a driver for over 2 yrs. you wont lose much distance and what you do lose in distance yull make up for by being closer to the center of the fairway.then when you feel confident in your swing you can switch to your driver or try it on and off and see if you can hit it.

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