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new driver fixed my golf!!


Well-Known Member
Apr 1, 2006
hello everyone im new to this forum but i had been looking for a good golfing forum to talk and ask other golfer's opinions on things.

i just started playing golf last summer because my aunt runs a country club and i got to play for free all summer. i was terrible but i loved playing and i was getting better. i bought some clubs off ebay without getting fitted and i know that was a bad idea but i just wanted some clubs so i could play. i bought some tommy armour 845 silver scot 3-pw irons and a used ping ist tec 7* driver. i was very inconsistent with this driver and after showing everyone else my driver and reading this forum, i realize this is a bad loft for a beginner and i shouldn't have been using it. the shafts on my irons and driver are stiff flex. im terrible with my irons and driver and can only every once in a while hit some good shots with them with 95% of my drivers slicing out of the world. after doing a little research it seemed that a lot of people liked the titleist 975D and it was really cheap off ebay so i got one today with a 10.5* loft and regular flex shaft. i just got back from the range and i was nuking the ball consistently straight on. i couldn't believe how well i was striking the ball and am convinced some better irons would help me as well as the new driver has. i am basically in love with this driver and am contemplating sleeping with it tonight in my arms. so now could i basically buy any new driver with giant 460cc heads as long as its >10 * loft and regular shaft? also any suggestions on good irons for newbies? i guess i want to buy some older name brand clubs off ebay that are proven to be good. i was also thinking about going to cloned clubs route considering my handicap is 20+ and i definitely wouldn't be able to tell the difference while still being able to take advantage of the new technology. any suggestions and opinions would be very appreciated.


Crackhead Zebra
Oct 31, 2005

Adam Pettman

Well-Known Member
Nov 3, 2005
Adams Golf any of their irons are good the A2 OS are the ultimate beginner irons in my opinion. Although I play with the A1 irons from Adams which are perfect for my game.


Well-Known Member
Mar 9, 2006
I made the mistake of going to Myrtle Beach one February without my clubs. After moping around for a couple of days, my wife told me to go buy some new cubs (I ran out the door!). Since I was trying to stay within a limited budget, I found a set of Adams UC-10 irons on sale. They were 3-LW and throwing in a stand bag for $199. I wasn't expecting much, but it turned out thay hit better than my other irons. I'd suggest them for any high handicapper. Since they were 2004 models, they'd be hard to find new. Used ones go for around $100 for the set.

Here's a link to some reviews http://www.golfreview.com/cat/irons/Adams/PRD_322100_2940crx.aspx#reviews


Hack Numero Uno
Sep 2, 2005
I'd have to agree almost all of the Adams clubs are great for beginners. The big thing for me personally is finding a club head I like the looks of. If you want Titleist driver look for a used 983 or JVS. I have a brand new Titleist 905T and Im only hitting it 10 yards farther than my old JVS. Do some research on shafts though, thats the big difference in making your ball flight and swing match. Ebay is your friend!! :)

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