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New Features Coming Soon

Dogfish Head

Well-Known Member
Staff member
TEA is my HERO
Apr 8, 2012
Huntsville, AL
United States United States
There will be another large update being rolled out soon(ish). XenForo will shortly be upgraded to version 1.3.

For an idea of what the changes will be, please see these threads: Have You Seen...? | XenForo Community

To summarise, the changes are:
  • Smiley Management Enhancements
  • Various Moderation Improvements
  • Custom BB Codes
  • Google+/Twitter Registration, User Upgrade Logs, Censor Improvement
  • EXIF Rotation, ACP Searching, Proxying and Change Logging
  • Editor Toolbar, Spoiler BB Code and MultiQuote

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, etc.

TEA Time

Grumpy Gilmore
Staff member
Mar 23, 2011
Portland, Oregon
United States United States
Looks like some good stuff. The current editor interface is horrifically user-unfriendly, including the smilies.

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