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New Golfer, new/old clubs


Well-Known Member
Apr 4, 2005
Hi, I'm pretty new to golf, just started last year. I'm starting to get a lot better though, with a par every now and then. Anyway, I've been using my Dad's old clubs - some persimmon woods (Macgregor, Toney Penna, Citation) and Toney Penna irons (TP2). Probably since I'm new to the game I don't notice a whole lot of difference when I use my friends' metal woods and the persimmon ones except I might have a little more control with the wood woods unless that's just a coincidence.

When I don't slice it into the trees I can occasionally knock it 220-230+ yds or so with the driver and I've hit over 200 with the 3 wood. Unfortunately my 3 wood which I loved was a little abused (not by me) and the other day a chunk of wood finally came out of it making the club useless. I decided to upgrade and get a nice new 3 wood and a good 7 wood as well since 1) I can't hit a 3 iron very consistently and 2) my clubs are mysteriously missing a 3 iron anyway.

Long story short I chose a 3 and 7 wood (Niblick) from Louisville Golf - http://www.louisvillegolf.com/index.php/cPath/2_15 (got a good deal off ebay). I've read countless good reviews about these clubs both about the company and how amazing the clubs play. Since I'm a beginner I reasoned that the 10 yds or so I might lose from not hitting metal woods would not be a big deal if they give me more control. Plus the wood goes with the other clubs I have and I just think they look nicer.

Does anyone have any experience with these clubs or any comments for me as a novice golfer? Thanks for any thoughts and sorry for such a long first post. Also once the clubs come in and I get a chance to hit some balls, I'll post my thoughts if anyone is interested.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
The persimmon wood looks great but there is a reason no one on the tour plays them.

If you are comfortaable with them, enjoy them and play well.

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