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new golfer


steve fisher
Oct 11, 2005
hi everyone
i am 41 and just stopped playing football(soccer)after32 years so i decided to try golf and i luv it!!!!
what i am asking is i am having trouble with what club to choose for each stroke,pw/sw/putter no problem,what about the other ones ????

Ravenous Bugblatter Beast

Deep in thought
Sep 6, 2005
Well, it's pretty simple, but then it gets complicated.

I dunno, if you can afford getting a good lesson, consider it, as that will help teach what you want to achieve when swinging the club. Start doing that, then you can start figuring out how far you can hit each club. Then you can start learning how different lies will affect how far you can hit each club, or even which club you might limited in using from a particular lie.


Well-Known Member
May 23, 2005
Yeah, get lessons. And then practice. And then, practice. And then, practice. It stretches on into infinity.

My only tip-Golf isn't like all other games and sports. By that I mean that in baseball you can go to the batting cage and with enough swings of the bat, you will get better. In soccer (football) you can practice goal kicks and how to put different trajectories on the ball and you will get better at it. If you take bowling lessons and go to the alley 5 days a week you will become a better bowler.
But not so in golf. You have to practice the game with a purpose and with intelligence. You can swing the finest clubs ever made at the best balls available for hours every single day at a driving range but never really improve unless you know what to do.

Take lessons. Save yourself the agony and frustration in an already agonizing and frustrating game. Golf is the greatest game in the world so it's worth it to spend the time and the money on it. Once you purely hit that first ball, that first long drive, that first par, or chip in to the hole from out of a bunker for birdie, you'll kick yourself for not taking up the game earlier. Then you'll duff the next shot and wonder why you took it up in the first place.

Anyway, best of luck and get lessons. Did I already say that?


Well-Known Member
Aug 23, 2005
What you want to do it go to the driving range and hit you PW off a tee. Write down the yardage the ball flys in the air. Then do it again with your 9 iron, and all the other clubs in you bag. Hit enough balls with each to get an average and write it down. Once you've done this, you should know how far you hit each club, and you can pick the correct club for the distance you need to carry the ball. As you improve, do the drill again and make changes as needed. Carry the list in your bag until you have it all memorized. This should get you going in the right direction.


Oct 11, 2005
Well hit some balls on the driving range with a 3 iron and work your way up the club making sure you can hit with each and know your distance(s)

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