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Bay Area Golf Guys

New Member
Sep 5, 2017
United States United States
Hi Everyone,

My name is AJ, and I'm an avid golfer located in the Bay Area (San Francisco for all those who may not know). My best friend, Sam, and I have started a YouTube channel. Our channel name is: Bay Area Golf Guys. We're just two young guys that love the game of golf and we want to share our experiences with the golf community. We started the channel shortly after playing Pebble Beach. We thought to ourselves, "Wouldn't it have been awesome if we filmed our round so we could go back and re-live those memories." So that's what we did. We decided from now on to film our rounds and not only show golfers the courses we play but to also give a preview and our thoughts of the course if you're ever in the Bay Area looking to play golf. So if you guys could check out our videos and give us some feedback that would be greatly appreciated! Here's the link to our latest one


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