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New to the forums



Just wanted to say a quick hello. I found this place with a google search and have been reading for a few days now. Looks like a good place to hang out and talk some golf from time to time.

I'm just getting back into the game after a few years of hardly ever playing (a military tour in Alaska doesn't exactly give ample opportunity for golf). I originally started swinging at the ball when I was about 8 and have played off and on since then, but never got serious about golf until recently.

I've been working on my swing for a few weeks now and managed to shoot a 92 last week which is my personal best ever (could have shot an 88 if it weren't for blading one 20 yards over the green on the 16th then having to chip twice, gotta love this game) so needless to say I'm hooked hard (once again) and looking to break 90 soon. Thanks for having me and I look forward to hanging out here.


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Aug 26, 2004
Welcome aboard Herc. :)

Hercules navigator? I know another herc nav named Ken Stallings from another board currently stationed in Florida.

Good luck with the game!


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Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Yes, welcome aboard?

I was trying to figure out your handle until i read Sling's comments...

Me:"Her.....C....Nav".....what the hell?

Read Sling's post.....

Me: "You are such an idiot." :prop:


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