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New TourSwing Special


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Jun 1, 2007
Tim and I talked this afternoon and he mentioned again how much he wants to see how well the new lightweight Xplodes are received and get feedback from the public.

So far, be it slow economic times, or entering the holiday season (or maybe you guys saving up for my "Black Friday Special" [;)] ) it seems like people are apprehensive. So Tim said it was okay for me to "Sweeten the pot".

Here's the deal....

From now, till further notice, $100 gets you a new 460cc, 186gm Xplode "Lite" head (MSRP $159)...plus your choice of any flex Okato shaft (MSRP $149).

This is over $300 of product for $100.

You can order them assembled or separate....so if you want the Okato shaft for another head and want to re-shaft the 186gm head to a different shaft, he's fine with that too.

Any questions?

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