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New wedges


"Playing it straight"
Supporting Member
Jan 8, 2009
Australia Australia
I play Vokey wedges that I've had for a couple of years. I bought them after someone handed me the Vokey kool-aid, "Vokey are the best, they spin the most, the spin milled face imparts even extra spin ...", and so on it went. So I bought the Vokeys & don't have any real complaints, although I've never played other brand premium wedges.

With this stupid new groove rule about to take practical effect on us hackers (ie. the OEM's soon not making square grooved wedges), I took up an offer too good to refuse on a couple of Nike VR 'as new' wedges.

What were going to be my 'back up' wedges for when the Vokeys start to wear out, will likely turn into my gamers. Knife sharp grooves that stop the ball on a dime and a nice grind that allows them to be laid flat. I'm very impressed.

I was just interested if others have chosen wedges outside of the major two (Vokey & Cleveland) because they have performed better when trying them out?


Winter Sucks!
Supporting Member
Dec 29, 2008
Southeast Wisconsin
United States United States
My best wedge is my Acuity dn2. It would take some dramatic $hit to happen to unseat that baby. I tried the Ping TourW and it certainly couldn't unseat the cheapy. The Cleveland I have now is pretty good too. It's an oldy, but goody.


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Aug 13, 2006

Don't bother spending even $50 on a new wedge. These heads are as good as any Cleveland, Vokey, Nike etc that you will buy. You can also buy them as a club pak-shaft, grip, ferrule etc for a whopping $17.99+ shipping. I have the 52/56 and am thinking about getting a 60. Will probably at least order another 52/56 set to have when these wear out. Feel is good, spin is good and distance control is good-is there anything else you need in a wedge? :)


Active Member
Jun 18, 2010
I play with a pair of Callaway vintage x forged wedges that I love. My 52 is pretty standard but my 58 has a c grind sole and "mack daddy" grooves. The x-forged are nothing like any other iron in the Callaway line, they are truly meant for more accomplished players. In hindsight I would have gotten the 52 with the same sole grind and grooves but I purchased what was available at the time. I was carrying a newer Callaway Jaws 64 but I found it more useful to continue carrying my 3i because the 64 did not really add anything to my game that I was not already able to do with my 58. The combination of a Nike one ball and the Mack Daddy grooves allows for some jaw dropping results, inside of 50 yards it feels like I have a remote control. The c-grind allows for a lot of versatility when choosing the shot I want to play, as I can lay the face wide open without having to worry the bounce working against me on tighter lies.

The bad news about them though is that I recently found out that Callaway clubs are not manufactured here so I have been looking at the Ping, Scratch, and the Vokey lines as possible replacements. The problem is that whatever I put in my bag next will have some rather large shoes to fill, either that or I will have to hit significantly more greens.



Right Curving Driver....
Supporting Member
Dec 22, 2007
I play Nakashima's NX-1s. I used to play CG14s and CG12s, and for half the price, I get more spin and a lot more confidence from the Naks.


Another Canuck
May 6, 2007
Similar to johnnymo i play Callaway X-tours (the model before the X-forged) and love them. The 52 is pretty standard, but the 58 has the PM grind with the mack daddy grooves. There is not a shot that I am afraid to attempt with this club, and since bagging it a couple years ago it has become my go to club around the greens.

This thread got me thinking that I should probably buy some new wedges before the end of this year so I can keep the good grooves.

Oh how I hate you shottalk.


Right Curving Driver....
Supporting Member
Dec 22, 2007
This thread got me thinking that I should probably buy some new wedges before the end of this year so I can keep the good grooves.

Oh how I hate you shottalk.

That's the exact same first thought which crossed my mind "oh, I better buy some new wedges before they change" hehehehe


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
Whilst home on vaca I stole my father in law's Cleveland and Cally wedges that I gave him. Actually I traded my 2 vokeys to him. I was finding that I was missing the 60 with low bounce that the 588 offered. These things are prob 5 years old, don't spin as much as my vokeys (when they were new) but they are fine

I also like the lighter weight of Roger CLeveleand's wedges

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