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Nice Course Thread


Titleist and Cleveland
Feb 23, 2005
Since alot of us travel and want to play golf where ever we go, I think it would be usefull to have a nice golf course thread. Courses that you would recomend other golfers to play.

Since there is only so many courses in Nova Scotia I have two that are a must to play when visiting.

1.) Highlands Links - Expensive and out of the way but you will love this course. I usually shoot high 70's there and I am a decent golfer. This course isn't all that long either. It is 6592 from the backs but still has a course rating of 141.
My favorite hole is number 8 called Cabers Toss. You can either hit a 7 iron or out there 160 and leave 140 straight down hill 2nd shot with a cliff over the back of the green or you can try to driver the narrow 300 yard down hill hole. Since it is so far down hill I have put it over the cliff before

The hardest hole on the course has to be the 2nd. In a tourney into the prevailing wind I hit a driver and 3 wood and barley made the green. One of the few in the field to reach it in two. It is only 447 yards also.


2.) Grandview Golf and Country Club - This is a difficult course, maybe the tougher then Highlands links. It only plays 6475 but has a course rating of 144. I played there once and shot 80 from the backs which was a poor score since I drove the ball well. It costs 43 dollars to play and is very narrow.

Favorite hole has to be the par 3 16th where water guards the fron, left and back of the green. Only 116 so if you are a good wedge player this hole should be no problem.

Hardest hole......hard to say. All of the holes are hard if you can't hit the ball straight.

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