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Nike Clubs



Yeah im thinking about getting some new clubs and i wanted to get some nikes so anyways i have hit some slingshots and i love them but i was also wondering about the cprs and the cpr2's cuz there a little cheaper and i was wondering wich ones are better and if the slingshots are worth it or just go with the cprs


Well-Known Member
Mar 21, 2005
CPRs are for a newer golfer, they are easier clubs, cavity backs. The Slingshots are a cavity back with a muscleback.

I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Get the slingshots. If anyone can confirm what I said was right, I demand an e-cookie.


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
Both slingshots and CPRs are game improvement cavity backs, and I wouldn't play them if someone gave them to me.

This is not an attack against Nike lovers. Two brands that aren't for me are Nike and Callaway (unless we're talking the old steelhead plus fairway woods)

I'd recommend the TM rac series (OS, HT - they can be had cheap now, or Cleveland makes a nice iron as well)

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