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Nike CPR Hybrid


Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2005
Does anyone have an opinion either way on the following:

Nike CPR Wood - CPR graphite shaft ( I can buy new for $ 89 )
Nike CPR2 Wood - Irod graphite shaft ( I can buy new for $ 99 )

Is there any difference in these shafts that would justify the extra $10?I'm looking to replace my 3 iron, and figured this was a good choice. I've hit this club before, but don't know what shaft it had on it.

Is there anything comparable to this club that is out there....for the same price?


Well-Known Member
Dec 9, 2005
the CPR wood is much better... Its awary Winning
The CPR2 is about the same thing.... just a different headcover
Get the first one

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