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North Coast Golf Show


King Of All Hackers!!!
Dec 15, 2006
Being that this was my first golf show I really didn't know what to expect.
I was quite disappointed.
I had hoped that the big golf companies would be represented there.
Callaway, Nike, Cobra, Taylor Made, etc....
Just independent retailers.
No more than an exaggerated golf flea market.
And for some reason only a couple of vendors were selling Cobra equipment, but very little variety as far as clubs go.
I did get to hit a couple of Cobra hybrids though.
(for $7.00 you get a very small bucket of balls, and try out the latest clubs, but are not for sale)
I think I like the Baffler DWS's.
So I ended up buying some gloves and a couple of beers:D ,
that's it!!!
Saved alot of money though-LOL!!!
I guess it's off to "Dicks" I go!!!:laugh:

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