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Odd fitting


Mikey Dangerous
Nov 29, 2004
While hitting balls in teh cleveland demo tent on the weekend the rep gave me a quick and dirty fitting just because. I started out with a 9.5 stiff launcher comp and by teh time we were done i was hitting a 10.5 reg comp. Apparently that gave be the prefect lucnh angle. I had the carry measured while their and it was 268. Later that day, i hit the Mp-001 in a sim it was 10.5 reg as well to compare with the launcher. And the results nice luanch angle greta distance super control. I have alwasy played stiff. I seemed very odd to be that id be able to control a reg shaft at all. let alone hit it at a good trajectory and get good distance out of it.

Anyone else ever had this happen. You thought you needed one thing and the complete opposite is true. I just found it to be a big change.

ps. halo hybrid from Cleveland........RULES.

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