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Official 2017 Masters Challenge


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
Boy, what a tournament! Delighted for SERGIO! Finally to get over the line. He seemed to play the best golf all week minus the putter. But in fairness, he holed a few clutch putts when he had to. That par on 13 was the game changer.

Drama to the very end. Great to see Sergio and Justin duke it out. The quality of play was exceptional. Disappointing with Speith and Ricky, but Kuuuuuch's run, what a back nine. The ace was deadly!!

This is my favorite major and last night was every bit as good as any I recall. I thought Sergio was going to cry like a baby when that putt went in to win. His post-round interview was excellent. I was so convinced that he wasn't going to win:

When the cameras replayed his penalty drop on 13 and looked like the ball might have moved, I thought he was going to be DQ'ed.
When his shot glaced the pin at the 15th, I thought his ball would have ricocheted into the water.
When he missed his putt to win on 18 (it was always a straight putt Sergio!!) I thought he would yip the return.

But the golfing gods figured they owed him one, so they took care of him.

Good on you Sergio. Seve would have loved that!

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