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Official: 2018 PGA Championship Challenge


Recovering Equipment Ho...off the wagon again.
Staff member
Sep 7, 2013
Chapel Hill, TN
United States United States
Looks like the basement has two new residents until next April. Free at last, free at last, thank the golf gods almighty I am free of the basement at last.

Still managed to come in 6th with the champ on my card, though.o_O
Nope, you picked the champ. That's a solid 3rd place showing sir!


Geezer, recovering club ho.
Supporting Member
Jan 5, 2015
Fredericksburg VA & Hernando FLA
United States United States
Congrats to Brooks Koepka for holding off the Tiger charge and winning the PGA!

FWS, Sssmokin and UALTim made the playoff by selecting Kopeka, but with the low score of 53, congrats to our very own admin Fairwaysplitter3320!

Final results of the challenge:

FWS 53
Sssmokin 76
Turd 89
Subsonic 95
WBL 102
UALTim 105
TEA 106
Limp 108
PaPaD 118
Anders 123
beeno 138
AZGreg 160
TTR 167
IG 167
We have a member named Turd?

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