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OK guys (ladies too), I need help!


Well-Known Member
Jun 7, 2005
My putting sucks! Sure, I've had a few good days but overall my putting has been in the crapper for 2-3 months now! No problem reading the greens (well, no more than most), just can't get the ball rolling where I want it to! Seriously! I'm not sure I am seeing exactly where my putter is "aimed"....I think it's one way and when a partner stands behind me and checks I'm way off!

Soooo, I need drills, books, frontal lobotomy....whatever will help!



Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
Buy Pelz and you will die a horrid death, (my views on Pelz are well known,the man is sick and really needs help.He is as mad as a march hair) Try any instruction book for tecnique,and buy Rotellas putting book.Just don't do the lag to a dustbin lid thing.Archers aim for the centre of the target,so why should golfers aim to miss? Only advice worth anything online is get a lesson and have a putter cut to the right length.The vast majority of pros have a putter on average 3" shorter than stock yet most amateurs just use a 35" putter.


I love Hooters
Jul 25, 2005
Augusta, GA
United States United States
What kind of putter are you using? I just bought a cheap Turbo 3 ball and I love it. The 3 balls on the top give me an arrow to aim the face right where I want it to go.

Here's the link to the putter I bought, I kid you not, I'm making twice the putts with this one as my old blade putter


I bought it from my teaching pro, so I paid considerably more, but what the heck, he's a good guy.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
1. See the line
2. Align your body to the line
3. Follow through drill: without making a backswing, push the ball to the hole. Try it a few times, then do a backswing.


Well-Known Member
Jan 4, 2005
My vote: Buy a new putter

It might work a little better, but even if it doesnt, you'll miss with style. And thats where its at. Missing in style


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
ok P, i have done extensive work here and with such don't have to spend hours on the putting green anymore,

everyone does the "use the shoulders to push the ball" and stand all tall and rigid over there putts, i find this looses the most important part of putting, feel. instead of worrying about if your triangle is formed by your arms or your stroke looks like a pendulum, everything goes to the hands

yes the hands, straight out of the legend of bagger vance "seek it with your hands" this will come into play later but just remember it

now for the alignment, find your line and keep it with something closer ie a blade of grass etc now do these things in this order

1) put your left foot down first (assuming you're right handed) so that the ball is on the inside of your left foot

2) place the putter behind the ball and aim for your line, but keep your hands way back , "lofting" the putter

3) set your right foot however far back you so choose, keeping your "railroad tracks" of the actual desired ball route, and the place your feet are aiming , keep the hands back while doing so

4) move the hands straight forward so that the shaft can form a right angle with the ground, or you can move them further than that to "deloft" the putter, i've found that the slower the greens are the more i deloft and it helps me keep my speed, 'note' it may appear that the way you're aiming the putter has changed but trust me, if you did it correctly it hasn't

5) now, as you stand over the ball, freeze the image of the putter head, and which way the aiming lines are pointing, use your hands to take the putter straight back along the putter's aiming lines and straight through, never taking your eye off the ball

by committing to this, i have dropped an average of 7 putts from my average per round yet i don't practice putting and still come out on fire every day, this has allowed me to practice other parts of my game without having to worry about putting, this is what might very well take me somewhere


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
This thread will drive me insane i think,just like Pelz does.Everyone doesn't do the 'shoulders push through the ball thing',far from it.I do the no hands and shoulders just rock thing. Imho,worrying about angles of arms and shoulders on the tinternet is madness.You need to do it on the green.EVERY pro has a different putting stroke,you need to go and find yours.The 2 best putters of all time,Ioki and Casper broke every rule in the book,so you can as well,if you want to. I am not saying there aren't some simple things you can learn,like grip,putter length,but these are things that any golf book will tell you,and I'm sure you have at least one. I just find threads about putting crazy.I won't pollute your thread anymore,apologies,but thats just my 2p.Putting is about feel,you have it in you to feel as well as anyone else,but you will restrict that feel by not believing in yourself and by worrying to much about technique. Just practice 10 minutes everyday getting the putter back straight against a skirting board at home,aim every put to go in,trust your feel,and you will be a better putter.There are no secrets,but the truth is out there (and Pelz needs locking up)


Well-Known Member
Oct 11, 2005
My vote is to alter your grip and/or setup. You subconsciously relate your setup with all your past failures. A simple change may give you a new slate to work with. There are many different grips and approaches to putting that work well for many different golfers. And there are many golfers that find their putting becomes stale. Any simple change can get you back on the right track. (I.E. Putter, Grip, Stance, Setup, preshot routine)

It seems to work for me. Good luck to you.

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