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Ok, so the Seasson is back again...


Right Curving Driver....
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Dec 22, 2007
The Free Agency and trades are just heating up the 2010-2011 season already.

There really is a lot going on out there...


The Bears have no first or second round picks, so they decided to give everything on the Free Agency on this non-top wage season. Huge moves for a team which is known for having the cheapest owners and GM in the league. I guess Jerry Angelo felt finally his head was in play and decided to make some huge moves to keep his salary sure, at least as a distraction. After last years unexpected move on Cutler, they just signed Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor from the Vikings. Peppers is a top of the line player, and I'm sure he has a lot of gas left in that tank. Taylor will give the Bears some third down opportunities at last. ANd now, Manumaleuna, one of the best blocking TE around. Huge moves. They just need to find an OL in a Cracker Jack box or something to become finally a competitive team. And Urlacher would be back this year....

Anquin Boldin is now a Raven, which means the Cardinal's offense is becoming weaker every moment, and the Ravens passing game might be the biggest surprise this year. Donte Stallworth and Boldin are now the Ravens WRs, which is something to take notice off, seriously. If Flacco can't throw to these guys he better finds a job as a Butcher

Cromartie comes in a trade to play in NY. So, an already awesome defense, now gets a second elite CB. With Revis and Cromartie in the back field, you better start working on your running game... If Sanchez can pass this year, its going to be a long season in NY...

No trade, but they just resigned Michael Vick. Any clue on why? I don't really think any team would be interested on paying the amount of money the Eagles wan for him in order to be a "commercial move" my Philly...

Big Ben has just been accused for sexual abuse, AGAIN. I ain't saying he is guilty, and would be a shame if he is, but if not, why the hell don't they leave him in peace?

So, it is no longer Warner's team, and now Leinart's left arm is in charge of a team who just lost Boldin in the Free Agency. Not the brightest short term future for the team.


So, another QB has hang his cleats. It is Moore's team now. He did pretty good in the game she played lat season, and surely be far from his "teachers" Interception rating. Peppers, the name after the franchise is out to Chicago. Not a lot of good news in here

Again, I guess we'll have to wait until the first day's kick off in order t see what is going to happen with Brett The Drama Queen....

And obviously, the Draft is just around the corner.....

Its going to be a great year for football indeed.....

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