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Okato Birthday Special!


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Jun 1, 2007
In celebration of the Okatos 1 year Birthday, I am offering another special.

One that we cannot post prices here. But suffice it to say, I will be offering the new neon green Okato LTD shaft at WELL below MAP pricing, email us for the price per unit.

We are also offering the Okato's assembled to the top drivers from the likes of Alpha, Geek, Infiniti, Bang, Hierko, Integra, Nakashima and more!

The assembled prices are WAAAY below MAP, and because of that, you need to email us and we will send you a list of items, or if you have a specific head you'd like affixed to an OKato, let us know and we will shoot you out pricing.

Offer ends August 1st, 2011

[email protected]

View attachment aindacupgolf.com_components_com_virtuemart_shop_image_product_TourSwing_Okato_4e072b9273101.jpg

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