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Okay which do I buy, cSwing or V1?


Rules Nerd
Supporting Member
Mar 9, 2005
I am going to get some golf analysis software. I figured what the hell. I have a digital video camera and computer, those are the expensive parts of the equation.

I downloaded cSwing's free trial last night and was just blown away by it. It comes fully functional, and without reading any help files or anything, I was drawing lines, and drawing conclusions, within minutes. Easy to use.

If you get the full version, with all the extra CD's of pro swings and such, it's $159. At least the package I want is.

The V1 software claims to be the software used by Butch Harmon and Leadbetter and all those guys. Of course, they aren't using the $40 version or the $90. The $90 seems pretty neat. I haven't used it yet, and am kind of planning on testing the free demo sometime tonight or this weekend.

I went and signed up for their "swing locker" or whatever, and it only looks like each pro does like two swings.

I liked the pro lineup of cSwing's better than the pro lineup of V1 from what I saw.

Then again, V1 is $70 cheaper and supposedly used by the best.

Just looking at my wedge swing compared with the free one with a teaching pro in cSwing, I can already see I need a TON of work. If I look at my swing by itself, I can really only see one flaw. Then I put it side-by-side of a good swing, with the PW, and I have like 30 flaws. Hell, I don't even know how I ever hit a green. I need a ton of work. How the hell am I a 6?

Anyway, if anyone has used both, or either, I'd like to know your impressions of each, or either. At this time I am kind of leaning toward the cSwing, because it was so easy and it seems like you will get more "pro swings" with it. But $70 is $70, my new hybrid or gap wedge. If the software and pro swings are comparable, I'd just as soon save money.

Thanks for your time in reading this unbelievably wordy post. :)



I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
It's more than $70 difference. If you gave your email address when you downloaded it, you'll eventually start getting offers for discounted versions of the software, and you can ultimately get it for about $15. That's what I did and I'm quite happy with it.

Haven't used it much lately, but I'll get back to it. I quite like V1. I tried a bit of cSwing, but wasn't that impressed.

The other one that is widely used is JC Video. That's what they use at the indoor training centre that I go to.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Why would you want to change your swing when you're a 6 hdcp? Do you feel comfortable with your swing? Are you consistent with your wedges? Do you see guys like Fuzzy Zoeller or Jim Thorpe? Their swing are far from conventional, and would probably blow the flaws charts off the roof if they are being analysed.
Swing analysis can be helpful, yet, if you start correcting 30 flaws and you're already a consistent player, my guess is that it would do more harm than good.
Just my 2 cents ;)

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