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One of the worst range sessions EVER...WTF?


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Feb 22, 2005
I have no idea what happened. The last time I went out (2 weeks ago) I was killing my drives and hitting every club in the bag. In fact, for the better part of winter, I've been doing very well at the range. My driver has been the only inconsistency and I've managed with that. But as far as irons go, I'd warm up with a few wedge shots, 7 irons, then move to my 3 iron and I would hit smooth, crisp 200+ yd shots without even thinking about it.

So over the weekend, I went twice. Things started off ok, but then I started shanking everything. I don't know why or how. I started shortening my swing and that seemed to help somewhat but even then, it wasn't a complete fix. I was totally lost and felt sick. I literally felt sick and depressed. I work so hard for this crap and then I end up shanking the sh*t out of the ball, even on chip shots. The last time I started shanking it, I was somehow able to correct it. But this was a lot worse. The range was packed both days due to the warmer weather up here and I kept thinking to myself, "I'm an 11 handicap and I'm playing like this is the first time I've picked up clubs." I know an 11 cap is nothing to brag about, but I've spent many days at the range this winter, and ALL of them have been average to great. I've been doing so well that I've never had a really crappy day at the range.

My 3-iron seems to be my barometer for success. If i'm hitting that club, any club I pull will fly. That's how it is. I couldn't even hit a punch shot with that damn thing.

Can anyone help me diagnose what may have been the problem? I couldn't tell if I was hitting them off the hozel, but my shots were low, and screaming to the right (I'm right handed). After several of these, of course my body did not feel right or relaxed. My hands felt tense and I had zero confidence. Could I have been coming across the ball too much? I noticed on my driver shots that I was swinging way across because I would stand with a slightly closed stance, and I would hit the ball dead to the left. I wonder if this caused those ugly iron shots.

Anyway, I had to release. I'm glad I didn't golf with Ezra yesterday. It would have been a ridiculous embarassment. I want to bury my clubs and set the ground in which they lay on fire. I'm so dejected. I need some prozac.


I love Hooters
Jul 25, 2005
Augusta, GA
United States United States
If it makes you feel better, I do exactly the same thing sometimes. :) Kind of scares you, doesn't it? Knowing that you have wasted all of that time and money?

It's usually after I have hit the same club for several shots. Low, screaming slices. Pity the foolish golfer who is on the right side of the range. :D

I think it's when I try to hit the ball too hard. My only solution is to change to a different club and try to get my rythym back.


Mikey Dangerous
Nov 29, 2004
That very same thing happens to me all the time. I think that it's more fatiugue than anything. I find hitting less full shots and more 3/4 half swings usually helps avoid that. Most guys I knwo go to the range and try to pund balls as fast as they can with their driver or long irons, which tires a guy out quickly.

Tkae your time out there, why rush things. Practice with a purpose don;t just go and beat balls. It gets you know where except tired and frustrated, when you get too tired to swing right anymore.


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Feb 22, 2005
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I think there was a little of everything. And you're right, Siberian. I do feel like all the time and money has been a gigantic waste!

I didn't think my head was moving but I wouldn't doubt it. It could have been anything. I almost want to say it was something in my grip. I could tell instantly in my backswing that based on my grip (whether it "felt" good or not) I knew what kind of shot I was going to hit. Most of the day, the club didn't feel right in my hands.

I am tempted to go today but I'm going to hold off and go Wed during lunch. I hope the next two days will allow my mind to forget all that has transpired over the weekend.