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One of those days...


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Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
Had a difficult time, yesterday. #6 is a straightaway 340 yard Par 4. The hole plays slightly uphill and just a tad longer than the stated yardage. But, it is one of the easiest holes on our course.

A cool, late October morning saw very few on the course. Buddy and I had separate carts and were making good time. Caught a walking single on 5 and didn't think much about it. Most of the time, folks playing this time of year will allow faster players through. Just another ho-hum morning.

We waited on the tee of #6 until the walker was well past the 100 yard marker. He had hit his second to the green and was walking at a steady pace towards the green. I hit a good drive. Partner hit a low hook... another back to the fairway... and was on the green in 3. My drive was just left of centercut, 70 yards out. I hit a SW to 3 feet and dropped the putt for a bird.

As we replaced the flag, we noticed the walker was waiting on #7 tee. "That's nice, he's going to let us play through!" As we drove up to the tee box, the partner thanked the "gentleman" for allowing us to go through. Woops!!! This guy was ticked... almost ballistic! "Da** right, I'll let you a-holes go through!" "I'm sure not going to stay in front of you and have you use me for a target!" "If I'd had my cell phone, I'd have called the proshop and the cops and had your a**** arrested and tossed off the course!"

I was completely surprised by this attitude. My drive rolled to 70 out as he was approaching the green. I did NOT hit into him! I did NOT come anywhere close to him with my tee ball. I simply said, "Sir, that was my drive up the center." "I do not feel at any time your safety was compromised." "If you feel differently, I do apologize."

That set him off even more. He was red faced and tossing vulgarities one after another. My partner and I teed off on #7 and left him behind, on the box, talking to himself.

Immediatly, upon reaching the clubhouse, I went in and told the staff they may have an irate customer coming in soon. I explained what had happened. The Asst. Pro laughed and called the gentleman by name. Says this is not unusual. This gentleman is a retired banker and has a real attitude problem. Asst. Pro says no one will accompany this gentleman, nor does this guy want to play along with anyone else. Says that during the busy season, this guy has been a problem because he 'demands' his own personal tee time. The staff is afraid he's going to have a heart attack on the course when he gets so excited.

As far as the staff know, this gentleman has never threatened anyone. He just constantly complains about the course condition... the people playing the course... the lack of consideration for his status!!! The Asst. Pro said this same gentleman, regularly, uses the "A" word to describe the proshop staff. He's just not a pleasant individual.

After visiting with the staff, I felt much better. Yet, it really does effect your round to have someone, unknown, attack you verbally. We are a society of many egos and personalities. It is a blessing that we are not all clones and that we are individuals. Yet, that blessing of individuality can be taken a little far with some folks as displayed by this irate gentleman.


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Jun 13, 2007
That guy sounds like a real horse's ass. You handled it like a gentleman though, good on ya.

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