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one of those shots


Feb 20, 2005
went out for a quick nine after work.(actually 13 played 4 while waiting for one of the guys sons.)

anyway after carding a 9 on the first hole.2nd hole is a par 3 148yds. so i tee up an 8 iron and all i can see is its headed towards the flag.there all saying nice shot then the guy i`m riding with says look at it its coming back.i just laugh then someone else says it spun back.

sure enough when we get to the green theres the ball mark 4' behind the ball.left myself 3' downhiller for bird and drained it.first time i have every birdied that hole.of course i have only played it about 10 times in my life.

those are the shots that make you think with a little more practice i can get to those single digit caps and more.plus also why you come back the nrxt day and cant hit the broad side if the barn with a barnshovel.

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