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Opinions on the right arm and club head speed

William Tipton

William Tipton

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Apr 24, 2013
United States United States
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Played 9 today.
I tried that
A good tip I found on Golf Fix was imagine you are throwing a ball underhand with the right hand on the shot. It gets your right side working.
Played 9 this morning and tried out something along these lines. I crossed this article the other day;

I dont know a lot about golf so I cant give an opinion either way, but I tried it out and so far I drove the same distances that Ive been driving with about half the effort (new swing changes so I dont usually go nuts until I have something grooved more).

I played two balls on some of the holes and managed to either bogie both or on one par both on a medium length par 4.
Seemed to really help my irons and wedges too.
Only thing I noticed was if you dont keep that left arm really straight that 'push' with the right side will take a trench of a divot.


Jan 11, 2012
United States United States
The grip is a huge deal. Shaft down in the fingers. I see weak and strong grips all the time. And they do different things.

Make a fist with your left hand and stick your thumb out. Grip your thumb with your right hand as if it were the shaft. Take your stance and make the setup V and be sure you allow your hands to find the comfortable place that feels natural. That will be fairly neutral. The clubhead will seem misaligned but will straighten as you come through the ball.

It will usually put your left thumb down the upper right side of the shaft. The right hand wont block the club from setting properly in the backswing if its a little strong (clockwise)... So you can get into a proper backswing and through a free hinging release. It takes trust so just hit them at the range and tweak it after seven balls.

You may find a stronger grip on the long sticks and weaker on the wedges works pretty well for those special shots but mostly neutral is best.

The proper free hinging grip will definitely inform the swing.

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