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Passing of the torch


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Dec 24, 2007
South Central Wisconsin
United States United States
My daughter turns 10 in July.

In Wisconsin, this is the age in which they're allowed to hunt under the 'Mentor Program'. This program states that a mentor may take a child 10 or 11 years old hunting without the child first going through hunters safety program as long as some guidelines are met. The mentor must always be within arms distance of the child and only one weapon my be carried by the pair. The mentor must also be a parent/guardian or have permission from the parent/guardian.

I think it's a fantastic program(although I think I should be able to choose when my children hunt...not the state, but that's another thread). She's been asking me for years when she's going to be old enough to hunt. She's pretty excited to have finally attained the privilege of hunting. I'm still not sure m who is more excited, her, or myself.

Anyway, this weekend I'm taking my daughter out to shoot my AR15. She simply can't shoulder a regular rifle yet. With the collapsible stock of the AR15, light recoil, and EOTech red dot sight, I think it makes a perfect deer rifle for the ranges she'll be allowed to shoot(<50yds).

I know some people don't think the 223 is big enough for deer. I'll agree it's marginal, however, I'm going to hand load some heavier all copper, deep penetrating rounds for it. She has shot guns since about the age of 5, but she's never pulled the trigger on the AR15 yet. As long as she puts the bullet where it needs to go, the Barnes TTSX bullets will do admirably.

I'll try to get some pics/video of her to post up. I still remember my first time behind a deer gun. Back in those days everyone shot a 12ga shotgun(rifles weren't legal)...and that's what I got. 12 years old, Remington 870(which I still own), resting on the seat of my uncles 4 wheeler at about 75 yards with Remington Sluggers in the tube. I was beyond excited and those first 5 shots rung my bell pretty good. I had a bruise on my shoulder for a week. Right of passage back in those days. I got over the flinch after a few years lol.


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Jul 25, 2007
Madison, Wi
United States United States
Have taken 2 of my daughters to the range, the other 2 never showed any interest. The 2nd oldest wanted to shoot my Winchester 12 gauge and I had it loaded with 3" slugs. It was a bit comical and like in the movies when someone gets shot and they fly backwards, she landed on her ass and ended up with a nice shoulder bruise from that day.

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