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Paul Dunne's Seven-Alarm Open Championship

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Apr 8, 2012
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@UAB_MensGolf @UABathletics Blazers boys out for some practice in St. Andrews! #GoBlazers pic.twitter.com/6zu9l9Gix2
— Paul Dunne (@dunners11) July 14, 2015

WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE to contend as an amateur at the Open Championship?

After watching Irishman Paul Dunne, 54-hole leader at the Old Course, we know something about that. But Dunne tells us much more about his experience in "Paul Dunne: Reflections on the weekend when my dreams became reality at British Open" published by the Irish Times.

Dunne's Open diary is an entertaining read. A snippet:
Thursday, July 16th –First Round I’d gone to bed at eight o’clock the night before. I never go to bed that early. I couldn’t get to sleep and it was probably half 10 before I slept. I’d a 6.43am tee time and had set seven alarms, to go off every two minutes, from 4am to 4.15m. I got up at a quarter past, and was the last one up. Everyone else in the house was up, afraid I would sleep in. I had a bowl of muesli and a yoghurt and was off [to] the course. I was ready.​
(H/T John Coyne)

Source: Paul Dunne's Seven-Alarm Open Championship