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PING demo day


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
Ping reps were at the range today, and I decided to check them out. I have never really been impressed by anything ping other than eye2 and anser putters but I know they have a few here that really like them so I thought I'd take a peek.

I started with the drivers, the guy gave me a 9* G10 with a V2 HighLaunch shaft. This shaft was awful for me. I like something lively, but this thing was really crazy. I hit lots of snaphooks, and then he passes me one with a Blueboard, now we're talking :)

I got along much better with this one, but wasn't wowed, and definitely not a 905R replacement.

He then gives me a 9* rapture 2 with the blueboard which I really liked. I liked the look, the ball flight and overall feel for this combo. The sound was a little tinny, but not too bad. This set-up reminded me a lot of my 905R. I would have loved to see them both on a monitor to compare numbers.

I tried the G10 3W next with stock S shaft (I'm always shopping 3W) and hit some REALLY nice shots off the deck, and a few really bad ones too. Definitely something to consider should I decide to upgrade.

As usual I passed on the irons and wedges. I have no desire to switch those right now, except maybe move to a MP-67 in the 8-9-W at some point.

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