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Ping G10 W Wedge and U wedge??


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Jul 5, 2009
Hi folks, Im new and this is my 1st post. I have 2 questions ..
I just replaced my Taylor made RAC OS2 irons with a new set of Ping G10 Irons, I love the clubs but I am not sure what the U Wedge and W Wedge are supposed to replace in my bag. Can anyone tell me if the U wedge is the replacement for my pitching wedge which I generally hit about 120 yds in the old set?

Also is the W wedge replacing a 56 Degree sand wedge? I use a 56 degree for bunker shots and also around the greens and generally shots from 100 yds in alot.
When i go to the range the distances are kind of tough to get? Any help I can get would be appreciated thanks


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Feb 3, 2007
welcome to shottalk
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Congrats on the new irons
it looks like the UW is 50*, so similar to a gap wedge or Approach wedge
I'm guessing the "W" wedge is the pitching wedge? - probably similar to your old set of TMs

Pa Jayhawk

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Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
With Ping, W is a Pitching Wedge and U is a Gap wedge.
So the W (46*) is one club weaker than a 9i and the U (50*) is one club weaker than a PW (W), or between the W and SW (which would have an S).
Here are your specs. For the W just refer to the specs for PW
PING Golf : Clubs : Irons

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