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Ping Peeps


Mental Ward Escapee
Supporting Member
Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
The difference between, let's say, Ping Eye 2's and more "modern" irons isn't just lofts. If I take my iBlades and Eye 2's, playing them side by side, here's what I notice. The shafts are different. The COG is different. One is perimeter weighted. The other is not.
In the short irons, there is considerable loft difference. That loft difference decreases, slightly, as we work our way to the long irons. Through the set, I really don't see that much difference in yardage, club to club. If a certain number pops up on the GPS, I'm probably going to pull the same "number" iron with one as I do with the other. Why? The iBlade shafts are heavier, with a much higher bend point.
Now, believe it or not, I hit the iBlades on a higher trajectory than the Eye 2's. That can make a little difference. The big difference is not loft. It's the perimeter weighted Eye 2's vs. the more blade style iron. I can bend the iBlades left or right on demand... and oft times when I don't demand it! :>) I can grin and thumb my nose at the geezers when I bend my second shot on #8 around the corner while they are laying up. I'll strut to my second shot on #9 and bend that one 5 yards left of the green!!!! The Eye 2's are much more forgiving. I can turn them, but not nearly as easily as the iBlades.

The loft difference rarely enters my head. There are different shots and different distances I will use with each set, depending on what I know they will do. That's the main thing. Get familiar with what each iron does, distance wise... trajectory wise... workability wise... and go play golf.

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