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Played golf with an interesting guy today


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Aug 6, 2008
Left the Wife and Daughter home today and played 18 with my buddy. My Daughter had a birthday party to go to, and my Wife was too hungover after her hole in one yesterday. LOL. Not really, I just needed some yard work done, so she stayed home to spread some mulch.

My friend and I got paired with a single. When we shake hands on the first tee, I realize the guy has only a thumb on a pretty mangled right hand. I then notice that he has an artificial right leg below the knee.

We tee it up and my buddy hits one out there about 250ish right down the middle. I hit a 3w maybe 220 down the right into the edge of the rough. This guy steps up, grips his driver with a special grip on it, and rips a high draw about 265 down past my friend's. We look at each other in amazement. Very cool thing to see.

He didn't do this all day, and probably shot mid-90s, but he was a pretty damn good player. Had kind of a funky way he loaded the club at the top because he can't turn well around his back leg, but had a beautiful high finish. Lost his balance on occasion as can be imagined, then would lose it to the right. He has short game problems as he says it is difficult to gently hold the club and hit "feel" shots.

Hell of a nice guy and a real pleasure to share a round with, aside from originally being from Chicago and a professed Bears fan. Told us he lost most of his hand and his lower leg 30 years ago when a boat he was in was flying across Lake of the Ozarks and hit a log or something, flipping him out of the boat. The boat swung around and he was hit by the prop.

Guy says he's just happy to be alive and you can tell he just loves being out there swinging away. We're hoping to get together on the range as wants me to show him how to hit low flighted wedge shots. Fun day. It was a pretty good golf weekend here in Cheeseland.



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Nov 6, 2007
A truly touching story, more power to him. :thumbs up:

BTW, does your wife have a single sister? ;)


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Dec 24, 2007
South Central Wisconsin
United States United States
Very cool!

You never know who you might get paired with. Could be a real douche...but then, you could get paired with a really cool guy.

Great story


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Jul 3, 2006
Reminds me of a guy. I was going into a tournament and took 2nd. To whom, you might ask...a one armed man. *sigh*

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