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Played with dad


Well-Known Member
Feb 5, 2006
Finally got my dad back out. We played with my boss and his son. Played at a course called Fenner Hill. It's got a lot of elevation change but a good course to drive the ball. Greens are fast and hard as all hell so we all struggled holding them, then putting them.

Dad started out a little rough but started coming around with a few pars on the front. Which was an accomplishment considering I only had 1 par and 1 birdie.

On the back my boss and son were playing like crap and had enough when both went OB on 15. They decided to cut it short and take off. My dad and I had a good time finishing. We got a good laugh on a short par 4 where he had a 40yd. shot over a pond. I always hit balls over his inground pool when I go to his house so I said "just like over the pool". He dunked 5 straight balls in there before giving up, lol.

We had a good time. Fun to play with him again and fun to hit a driver with a fairway more than 25yds. wide. Greens killed me and had 5 doubles to go with 2 birdies for an 88. Must have had damn near 40 putts.

I'd love for him to play more. He's got the oldest, crappiest clubs you've ever seen. I at least got him a Wilson Progressive iron set a few years ago. He really needs a set of total shovels and a 460cc driver. He's still got all persimmon fairway woods and a Dunlop driver that is not much bigger than my 3W.


Taylormade Ho' Magnet
May 29, 2008
I enjoy playing with my old man when he's back from Iraq.

He's never had a new set of clubs, and used to have some MacGregor bades back in the day that I used to bang balls with in the drive way!

I got him a brand new set of Adams A3's, got them fitted, the hybrids set up for him. Got him a R9 that he didn't want, and instead was bangin' out an FT-5 iMix with a Proforce V2. Got him a lesson to refresh it all, and he was like a little kid.

Make me wish we did it when I was younger and not wait till well into my 20's to start playing with him.


Hybrid convert
Nov 6, 2007
Enjoy it guys, I'd give anything to get my Dad back out on the links. But his health just won't allow it anymore.

Enjoy every round with your Fathers and Mothers like it may be the last.

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