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Playing into groups.......


Top Bloke
Dec 21, 2006
I get pushed A LOT because I'm a younger golfer. But when people **** with me on the course, I **** back harder. ;)

1. If somebody hits into me once, forget it. Twice, I write FORE on their ball and tee it up. Third time I walk the ball back to them and ask them to please cool it, if I could play through the group ahead I'd be finished by now. Fourth time the ranger gets a call and I hit their ball back to them. I've called the ranger before.

2. If somebody asks me to play faster, I ask them to join. If not, I respond with, "I guarantee I am the fastest player on this course at the moment. If the group ahead would let me go, I'd be done by now."

3. If they are STILL pushing at this point I kinda lose my temper and have said, only once so far, "You wanna ****in go through, then go. Hope you got a ****in hard hat."

I like to think of myself as a calm, cool person, but, as I said, when people mess with my pace of play, nothing is held back. :D


Rules Nerd
Supporting Member
Mar 9, 2005
Yes, I read the entire post. And it still smells.

I mean, having to touch other guys' balls? It seems a bit gay on all levels to me.

Some of us actually do keep score and have money riding on the outcome of shots. Moving another player's ball is, IMO, totally against the spirit of the game.

At this point it is the chicken and the egg. Did they continue to hit into you because you kept moving their balls, or did you keep moving their balls because they were hitting into you? He said/he said.

We really only do have the one side of the story. And that side of the story includes some serious, intentional, breaching of the Rules.

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
I see no excuse for hitting into someone outside of sheer accident. Specifically if you are playing as a smaller group. You can't assume you know the circumstances or even assume the foursome in front of you all even know each other. You will quickly learn this if you take the time to pair up as a twosome as my wife and I many times will or more likely courses will force you to do. We play very quickly and if we get paired with another slow twosome it will be just as miserable for us as the group behind us, probably moreso. Even as a quick foursome we many times encounter large numbers of twosomes, and while we will many times let one or two play through, you reach a point where you didn't pay to play there to be a revolving door for twosomes and if there are that many twosomes or singles on the course that have to wait, then we feel perhaps they should pair up. Maybe by pissing people off to the point where they complain to the clubhouse, would serve warning to the clubhouse that they need to at least have a bit of respect to foursomes and pair groups up.

We also know as commonly playing as a twosome we expect to wait. If there are many holes in front of the group in front of us and they will not let us play through, we will skip a hole if it is bothering us. We have played on occasion where a 4ball would let twosomes play through, and even offered the same courtesy to us and we will still usually skip the hole or tell them we will pair with a group behind us.

No matter what the case, if you hit into me and yell fore, I will write it off as a mistake. No big deal. Maybe put your ball on a tee if it happens while we are on the green. You do it a second time, there will be words and you will not get your ball back and I will be placing a call to the clubhouse to cover my bases for what will happen if it happens again. You do it a second time and don't yell fore, or do it a 3rd time, I am hitting the ball back. Is that the bad thing to do, sure, but let it serve as warning that there are people out there that will do so. I tend to believe anyone who has a problem with my hitting a ball at someone, would extend the same courtesy by not doing so to me repeatedly and it would never reach that point after having already had words. I think with my size, I expect going back to talk to someone with a club in my hand would probably be intimidating enough to assure it would not happen again for anyone in their right mind.. Anyone who doesn't have a problem with that needs to be sent a message to realize it is wrong. Sometimes drastic actions call for drastic measures to assure no one gets hurt. If someone is going to get hurt, I would rather it be someone in the group behind me rather than my wife simply because I thought appropriate measures were to simply wave my hands around in the air as I continued to be shelled with golf balls.

I usually have no problem letting people play through, but can assure you if you repeatedly hit ball into my group to send a message, it is more likely you will be harmed than to play through.


Taylormade Ho' Magnet
May 29, 2008
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I was mildly let down by Auguster's childish post, I'll admit. :rolleyes:

If your playing to keep a serious score, or playing for money, do you think most of those people aren't a bunch of hacks trying to hit people on purpose?

Same goes for the group getting hit into... Do you not think they are trying to keep score, or play for money? Do you think it messes with their game when they are dodging balls on the fairways and greens?

Sure, its not the spirit of the game, it's not nice, and all that other feel good crap.. But the point it, someone is being an asshat, you should let them know. To continue to do so, after what can easily be shrugged as a mistake, is being a jerk, and dangerous.

Hitting their ball away, back at them, ect, is no different than picking their ball up, keeping it, throwing it, or writing on it and dropping it elsewhere.

I'm not above hitting it back to someone, but I think just picking the ball up, forcing them to use a new one, look for it, and otherwise, give yourself more space between them without any altercation is a good idea.

While you can argue they "knew" we took their balls that hit our cart and next to us, I doubt it, otherwise the retard would have asked us about it when we confronted them on the fairway.


Well-Known Member
Jan 12, 2007
Friday I was on the other side of this....well kinda. We were pushing a twosome that I watched hit 6 balls off the tee on consecutive holes and then they would take forever to put clubs away and go to the next tee. So I stopped waiting and started hitting when they got to the cart. What irritated me was when they finally let us go one of the guys basically said we could go wait on the group in front of them so they could hit into us. Well we never waited on the group that was an entire hole ahead of them nor did we see these dicks again as we pulled away from them. Don't hit 15 balls and then blame the group in front of you.

I have no problem with what you did. People need to realize that until the guys that only play a few times get it out of their system places are gonna be crowded. Just chill and enjoy the day instead of ruining my day.



Ender of all threads
Supporting Member
Jul 9, 2005
central Wisconsin
United States United States
I run over there balls with the cart and really bury them. They usually get the idea. If that doesn't work I have them play up with me and not play through as the group ahead is the problem. If they're *******s then I have them play through and hit on them once in awhile. And as far as rangers... I've had them tell us to speed up even though they can see we can't due to the group ahead. Some are good, some are idiots.


Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2006
And as far as rangers... I've had them tell us to speed up even though they can see we can't due to the group ahead. Some are good, some are idiots.

Isn't that the truth. I was playing in a 4-man scramble tourny. We were standing on the tee of a par 3 waiting on the group ahead of us to finish putting out. Marshall/Ranger comes up and informs us that we need to pick up the pace. I was like... uhhhh... and pointed to the green. He said just pick it up ok. I said sure thing buddy!!


Well-Known Member
Dec 22, 2008
I usually put their ball on a Tee. They usually get the point after that.

lol- i love that idea! but, truth is, i rarely get hit into and when it does happen, the offending party is very quick to apologize. about a month ago, a guy behind us flew his drive over our heads. it didnt just roll into our group, it stopped 60 yrds in front of us. he immediately drove up to us and apologized profusely saying he didnt have his glasses with him. it was no problem as he seemed very sincere.
i did commit a faux pas not too long ago. we were teeing off when a guy wandered into our fairway from an adjoining fairway and proceeded to hit his ball. yes, he should have waited until we were thru teeing off since it was our fairway and we were already in the process. when he hit and started walking off, i hit my teeshot figuring i wasnt going to come close to him anyway. well, i bombed a push slice that seemed to follow him as he headed thru the line of trees back to his fairway. it landed about 20 feet from him and he yelled at me to wait til he was out of the way. he was right, of course. just because he was in our fairway doesnt give me the right to put him in danger. i dont know what i was thinking, it was dumb of me. i immediately headed over to his group and apologized.


Hybrid convert
Nov 6, 2007
Only once did I feel I was being intentionally hit down on. After the 3rd ball landed nearby I decided it was time for a little fun. On that occasion, I yelled back at the group that had hit the ball, making sure they all heard me and were looking. I then walked up to their ball, taking dead aim at them and proceeded to put a mighty practice swing on the ball. They all scattered and looked around for the ball, which I had never touched. Thankfully they didn't hit down on us anymore. :D


Well-Known Member
Feb 13, 2009
You shouldn't have to worry about it. They should follow courteous golf etiquette, realize they are holding you up and let you go, IMO. That is what I always do. I hate slowing people down, tho I am a pretty quick golfer. I often golf with people tho who gotta take 5 mins set up time for every shot, and honestly it doesn't help em a whole lot if you know what I mean, haha. But, I hate rushing to try to keep ahead of em, I would much rather just let em play through. Lot of times we will just tee off, then sit there til they finish the previous hole, and let em tee-off and play through.
Now if it is anything like last friday when i went out. We were golfing pretty quick, group of kids ahead of us were holding the whole course up, and a group of kids behind us kept hitting into us, and wouldn't even yell. One drive flew bout 20ft over our heads and landed bout 15-20yrds in front us...was not happy. Guy in my group said somethin to em at that point, and no, it wasn't you can play through, hehe.


Golfer on hiatus.
Supporting Member
Jul 25, 2007
Madison, Wi
United States United States
Haven't had a real issue with being played into all that much. Typically I am playing a lot faster than the majority of folks out on the course. Did have 1 instance where a group was playing up my groups ass, I actually drove the cart back & asked them whether or not they were capable of understanding the entire course was backed up & attempting to somehow force us to play faster wouldn't accomplish a damn thing.

Got a half hearted "sorry we weren't aware" which was complete bs as this course is relatively flat & wide open. No way you can't see other groups.


Mikey Dangerous
Nov 29, 2004
It is definatly super frustrating when people hit into me when I'm playing. In the past I have hit balls away or even back at them but I have gotten away from that as it can be just as dangerous as them hittin gin to you in the first place.

Typically I let the first one or two go, anymreo than that and they are reported to the marshall and I'll go give them shit myselves as well.

Howver usually I am the guy doing the hitting into though it's never intentional. I always always go and appologize right away. Most times people are appreciative that you applogized. I also never let it happen more than once (you can only kep appologizing for so long). I have had guys come at me ready to fight after I hit into them on blind tee shots. I always maintane alevel head and never getting yelly back at them, it only escalates things.

It's a really tough situation and there are many ways to deal with it weather your the hitter or the hittie. There's always going to be pricks out there the main thing is to make sure your not one of them.

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