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Playing Through-Golf Etiquette


Jan 11, 2012
United States United States
Boys, the Truth is I scared my wife one afternoon. I just threw it across my shoulder while working and she thought for a second I had brought home a child.


New Member
Mar 2, 2014
I've been refused before as well, I patiently waited until it began to effect the play of myself and the other guys playing with me. I called into the clubhouse and explained the situation, they sent someone out to speed things up. I remembered that when I was new I held people up because I wasn't very good, I think we've all been there when we started, however I always let faster players through, in that situation I think the old ladies were the ones with no etiquette by not letting you through. With that said I still would not have jumped in front and teed off. There's a way to handle everything on the course while still using etiquette.

Rick R

Old school curmudgeon
Mar 18, 2014
Evans City, Pennsylvania
United States United States
Most of the time I've been asked if I wanted to play through, but one time when my buddy and I finished the ninth and came to the tenth tee we saw a large group who had come from out of state on a bus. They were waiting for some who took a break at the turn, some of them had gone ahead already and the fairway was clear. We went ahead to the empty tee and fairway to play through. They started to complain and said they all wanted to stay as a group (several foursomes). We didn't want to get stuck behind that large group and went ahead in spite of their complaints and soon were far beyond their reach as they must have waited quite a while for their group to reassemble.

anonymous golfaholic

Refusing Recovery
Supporting Member
Feb 10, 2010
United States United States
The best thing about playing through is when you get lucky and birdie the hole in front of the group that allowed you to go ahead. I did that on a par 3 yesterday. That felt nice.

Most of the time it's the exact opposite. Last year a group of girls on the college golf team let me and a friend play through. My buddy commented that the ugliest girl was that hottest girl he had ever seen, lol. We teed up on the tips and they were about 75yd in front of us, all huddled on the left side of the fairway. I proceeded to hit a nasty smothered duck hook right at them. Luckily I didnt hit anyone but they acted as if I had threw a grenade at them and rightfully so. I got some nasty looks when we drove the cart past them. I thanked them and apologized and they didn't say a word, they just glared at me. My buddy yelled at them, "that's golf ladies"....or something like that. Fun times.
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VA Park Ranger

Well-Known Member
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Feb 8, 2014
Green Bay Virginia
United States United States
I almost hit some maintenance workers pumping sand trap the other day. They were running a gas pump, and both had ear buds on. When I got up to them,, they were all on the cotton about it. I told them I had shouted at them, then they said they couldnt have heard me over the noise and the ear buds. Bastards.

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