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Pre-shot routines


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
How many of you have one,and actually work on it? I mean,really work on it? Somethings been wrong woth my game recently,I seem to be trying to hard,and i'm not relaxed.I seem to be trying to hard at not trying to hard,if you know what I mean.I was using a pre-shot routine to think my way into being nonchalent,and getting the opposite effect.

So I decided to change it.I've halved it,and after lining up I just smack it,and it suits my personality and really works in cleering my mind.Shot a good round,and felt totally chilled.

Anyone else neglect this part of the game?


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
used to neglect it, back when my alignment, and stance and everything was different every time i stepped up to the ball

now i have many checks and a good routine for every shot, i realized i didn't take the time to analyze every shot as i needed to, now i can commit myself to precisely the shot i want to hit

everyone does it a little differently, i do agree though that getting yourself thinking about it too much can lead to problems, everyone once in a while i just get a good feeling on a shot as where nothing can go wrong, once that happens i swing right away, hasn't failed me yet

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