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Prize winning etiquette...

Stink Crack

Well-Known Member
Apr 2, 2005
I was in an outing this past Monday and our foursome won. The prize was $400 ($100 each) and there was a skins game on the side. We alson won one skin ($180 total or $45 each). I also won closest to the pin on one hole for $75. This also happened to be the hole we won the skin on. Should I have split the closest to the pin money with the other 3 guys?

This happened to be the first outing I've played in where they gave cash prizes. What do you guys think I should have done? I would have offered to buy the drinks but it was open bar. Any thoughts?


ST Homeland Security
Aug 30, 2004
Did they hit the ball for you? I've won several long drives in tourneys and pocketed every cent. What you win, you win, bro.


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Stink Crack.....that cracks me up....lol... :D

Again, great handle.

PS.....keep the cash ;)


Dave Ireland

I'm sizzlin tonite
Aug 31, 2004
bdcrowe said:
Did they hit the ball for you? I've won several long drives in tourneys and pocketed every cent. What you win, you win, bro.

If you played against some of the posters on GR you'd have a bit more competition for the long drive prize - very few of them hit less than 300 ...


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
Stink Crack said:
Any thoughts?

I think I would like to get a piece of that action Playa. Free bar as well? Paradise. Keep the cash, don't sweat it. What goes around comes around and it's nice to be on that carousel when the music is sweet.

So you won $220? What did you fork out?

btw you could buy everyone here a drink. Mine's a Bushmills! ;)
Stink Crack

Stink Crack

Well-Known Member
Apr 2, 2005
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Thanks for the feedback guys. It was $125 to play, I think the greens fees including range and cart were around $100, the rest went towards a 3 hour open bar with food. Skins were an extra $10. The course was very nice - www.roycebrook.com.

The guy that gave me a hard time happens to be my boss, which sucks because I can tell he's holding it against me. Everyone I've asked said keep the cash - besides, I gave the winnings to my girlfriend.


Feb 20, 2005
you did the right thing.keep the cash it was your shot.also if not for your shot they may not have got the skin so they made money off your shot.ive played in alot of tournys and ive never expected some to split a individual award such as ld or ctp because i didnt hit the shot.your boss is just bustin your nads.

Bama Duffer

Well-Known Member
Mar 14, 2005
I used to organize our annual tournament. We had team prizes and individual prizes. The individual prizes were always for that person's accomplishment, not the team. No one ever complained. Keep the money. You earned it.


All around nice guy
Apr 22, 2005
Here's what I think...You made the shot, so that is why you won the skin. So if anything they should give you some of THERE skin money because it was infact you that won THEM that money.

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