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Pro Shop Jerks

TEA Time

Grumpy Gilmore
Staff member
Mar 23, 2011
Portland, Oregon
United States United States
Yesterday we had a foursome at a little 9-hole exec course in a retirement community. I've been there before, nice people, cheap rates, decent course. Until yesterday.

I paid, no problem. My wife wanted to just walk for the exercise (she doesn't golf) and one of the other players brought her boyfriend and one other friend to also just walk to get out (the weather has been super shitty and yesterday was beautiful finally).

The guy at the pro shop told my friends they couldn't walk. And if he caught them trying to "sneak" on he'd kick us all off and ban us. This is a $14/round course, mind you, not some private country club. He also said they had to leave the property all together. WTactualF? Won't be going back there.

Anyone else have horror stories from the clubhouse?


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
I witnessed a situation at a Pro Shop where four golfers had finished their round and were in buying merchandise from the club shop. They had already spent almost $1K on green fees, food etc and were buying sweaters, hats etc. They were heading straight to the airport to fly back to the US. They had no cash left and were $10 short. The pro shop guy waited. They had to go and ask the coach driver to lend them the $10 to pay the shop. Collectively they spent almost $1.5K! I felt so embarrassed.


Mental Ward Escapee
Supporting Member
Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
Years ago, we were visiting relatives in Cheyenne. Four of us headed out to a neighboring Air Force base to play their course. The son-in-law had recently purchased "golf sandals". It was back when we still had steel spikes and, yes, the sandals had spikes.
Checking in, the counter person noticed his sandals and said he needed to have golf "shoes" to play the course. "Can I just play in my tennis shoes?" Nope! Course dress code required gold shoes. "We have them for sale if you want to play."
SIL was beside himself. Sometimes he wasn't the best in controlling his temper. That time, he was reserved and tried to discuss it with the counter person. About that time a gentleman came out of the dining area and asked what the issue was. The counter person said we were trying to play and not observing the dress code. The gentleman said, "I see these folks have collared shirts, khaki slacks and look fine to me. I think they should be allowed to play, don't you?" The counter person replied, "Yes sir, Colonel!" We had a great time!!!

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